ST2 Systems motorcycle smart modules#

Posted 2024-04-20

ST2 Systems, a company in Slovenia, has created some buzz among motorcyclists with their electronics modules to enhance the safety and convenience of motorcycles. I have installed all 3 of their modules on my 2018 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT (aka the blackbird).

ST2 Turn System

The ST2 Turn System is the first smart self-cancelling turn signal module that cancels the turn signal after each turn, lane change, or roundabout exit. Motorcycle turn-signal switches have always been manual cancel, so all riders occasionally or often have the problem of driving oblivious that the turn signal is still flashing long after the last turn was completed.

The installation kit for this module includes special pads to convert the turn switch to temporary-contact function, and that change in combination with the module results in the self cancelling mode of operation.

I'm super happy with the performance of this module and happy it enforces correct cancelling of turn signalling; frankly, I have always been awful about manual turn signal cancellation.

ST2 Strober for Brake LED

The ST2 Strober flashes the brake light when the brakes are first engaged, significantly increasing brake-signal visibility. When the brake is applied the brake light rapidly pulses 5 times before staying on steady until brake release. As the full product name implies, this module is only compatible with bikes having LED brake lights.

ST2 Brake Module (yes, different than the above)

ST2 Brake Module senses when your bike is slowing down due to engine braking or downshifting and flashes the brake light to alert drivers behind you. Most motorcyclists leverage this means of braking, sometimes braking significantly, and there is no corresponding brake signal to warn drivers following us. Adding automatic brake signalling for engine braking is a notable safety enhancement.

Strober and brake modules.

--View of the strober and brake modules mounted in the housing under the seat.--

Turn module.

--View of the turn-signal cancelling module mounted in fairing housing.--

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