The Relic#

My 1997 base-model 4Runner is referred to as "the relic" in my family. It's among the things I class as "stuff that works" (refer to Guy Clark song of the same name). It goes -- via highway and forest-service trail alike -- wherever I want to go, and I strive to keep it running true and reliably.

The relic at the Very Large Array

I do most maintenance and improvements myself (made easier because the relic is so old). When I need top talent to work on it, I call the gang at Japanese Auto Service in Wheatridge -- there's a team with generation-3 4Runner knowledge and passion.

  • 3RZ-FE 2.7l 4 cylinder
  • W59 5-speed manual transmission
  • VF2A transfer case
  • 245/65R17 AT tires on 03-07 Tundra 10-spoke wheels
  • Set of 4 square-link tire chains for when the snow gets really serious

The relic arrived at the family cabin in winter

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