getssl Tool#

This tool is for obtaining and renewing certificates from the letsencrypt public certificate authority (, which employs the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol. The certificates are free, but they are purposefully limited to a 90 day expiration window, so you have to manage certificate renewal accordingly. NOTE that getssl is just one of several ACME tools available for letsencrypt certificate management.

The repo:

The command for cert renewal:#

./getssl <FQDN of site>

Location of exe and config:#


Things that must be done to allow it to operate:#

1. make sure site is listening on http on port 80 (only has to be locally, as getssl exe will be trying to reach it when running locally
2. make /etc/hosts entry pointing the FQDN to the loopback address
3. assure that the apache site .conf file has an alias defined for
Note: if you can locally curl http://<FQDN>/.well-known/acme-challenge/<name of some test png file you place here>, then the getssl command should work too.

Remember you can test process against test letsencrypt server to avoid exceeding rate limit. When tests against this server succeed, then revise getssl.cfg to use prod server.

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