Greenland viewed from a Dreamliner#

Posted 2023-03-05

Greenland view from 787

The names assigned to both the place and to the aircraft soaring over it are hard to live up to, though on the instance of this photo both the raked 787 wingtip and the snowy, rugged Greenland south shore were a treat to behold.

Special place though it may be, green places are clearly not abundant in Greenland. Norseman Erik the Red is said to have assigned it the rather misleading name to entice Icelanders to join him in colonizing the isle next door -- an early example of wanton marketing spin. In turn, the 787 is exceptional among wide-body airliners for its innovative composite air frame (which made possible increased fuel efficiency, lower cabin noise, and slightly larger windows), but Boeing gave it an impossible challenge by naming it the dreamliner. The flights were just fine, but I can't say they were "dreamily" differentiated from prior trips on rival aircraft. Nonetheless, I welcome future Greenland views -- and 787-borne travels, too.

Greenland view from 787

--From about a year later in early March 2024, when our path was slightly farther to the north--

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