Atomic Pi basic Debian setup#

I think of the Atomic Pi as a great value, but with an extremely touchy side. Some notes about the system itself:

  • The CMOS reset button is way too easy to accidentally push when handling the board. DON'T, as it trashes any bootable eMMC partition you have created
  • Must use POWERED USB hub. You will get erratic USB device behavior if you don't, including intermittent recognition of a bootable flash drive plugged into the hub.
  • System power quirks: if you have the above powered USB hub attached and then switch off the primary system power, the system may remain running on the hub power.

Some notes about the Debian install:

#Install latest 'light' Debian from bootable USB flash drive
#If you want to install a desktop, wait to install it until after you have completed the initial system install
#Prep for additional installs
apt install update
#Install SSH server
apt install openssh-server
#Install sudo
apt install sudo
#Make user sudoer
usermod -aG sudo USERNAME

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